Bethune’s Attorney Rescinds Request to Remove Special Prosecutor

Gaege Bethune / Photo: WTAO Radio, Marion

MURPHYSBORO – The attorney for Gaege Bethune is asking for his request to remove the special prosecutor in the case against his client to be withdrawn.

Bethune’s attorney Steve Greenburg filed the request in hopes of having the death investigation against Bethune dropped.

Bethune was found guilty by a jury in August of first degree murder in the case of SIU student Pravin Varughese, but the judge presiding over the case threw out the verdict due to what he called “syntax errors” in the indictment.

Special Prosecutor David Robinson is also moving to have the investigation dropped, so that the case can return to a pre-indictment stage and in effect, start over.

The criminal case against Bethune is set for a hearing on Jan. 9.