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Sheriff Bullard: Governor’s New Rules Eliminate Due Process and He Will Not Enforce

MT. VERNON – The Illinois Sheriff’s Association is pushing back against Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s threat to withhold federal funding for areas where local officials refuse to enforce his executive orders. The governor’s stay-at-home rules say no area of the state is ready to reopen in May and restaurants are banned from offering dine-in service through June. The orders were imposed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard says the rules are not law. He says when Gov. Pritzker brought this emergency rule into place to allow for a possible misdemeanor to be issued to businesses not following a public health order, he eliminated due process.

Sheriffs in Kane, Kendall, Grundy, Douglas, Ogle, and Hancock counties have all recently announced they will not use their deputies to enforce Pritzker’s orders. However, Sheriff Bullard says if a restaurant or non-essential business chooses to defy the Governor’s order, they could face ramifications that even local law enforcement and local government could not protect them from even if though they are not enforcing the executive orders.