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CCB Provides More Than $9 Million to Address Educational and Career Programming Equity in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) has granted over $9 million to 55 organizations, including 36 community colleges throughout Illinois to help address education and unemployment gaps. The funding will be used to help minority and low-income students as well as individuals with disabilities remove barriers to completing their education and career goals through the Innovative Bridge and Transition Grant program (IBT).

“The Illinois Community College Board is committed to bridging equity gaps in education by investing in our own community college system as well as other community organizations throughout Illinois that focus on removing barriers for traditionally underserved students.

Supporting and scaling effective and equitable education and career opportunities is critical to the ICCB mission,” said ICCB executive director Brian Durham.

This year, the ICCB is increasing funding from $4 million in 2021 to $9.1 million in 2022 to support innovative bridge and transition efforts that assist in the seamless transition of students between education systems as well as employment. 

These initiatives improve student transitions to and through postsecondary education and into employment, support transitions for individuals with disabilities, and scale programs that promote equity and diversity among those served.

The IBT grant funds are intended to help colleges and community organizations meet four main objectives:

  1. Adult Education Bridge and Integrated Education and Training Programming: Create new and greatly expand bridge or integrated education and training programming, including basic reading, math, and language skills, occupational competencies, and employability skills.
  2. Seamless Transitions for College and Career Pathways: Implement programs that provide seamless transitions from high school to college or between postsecondary institutions.
  3. Wrap-around Support Services: Utilize transition/wrap-around services which provide students with the information and assistance they need to equitably access and persist along their career pathway.
  4. Seamless Transitions for Students with Disabilities: Create comprehensive programming for individuals with disabilities that provides vocational services, psychological counseling, transitional and educational services, and job placement activities in order for them to live and work independently in the community.

A list of the 55 2023 Illinois Bridge and Transition grantees are below: 

A Safe Haven Foundation $296,000.00
Asian Human Services $200,415.31
Carl Sandburg College $235,651.84
Center for Changing Lives $226,000.00
Center for Companies That Care $100,767.60
Centro Romero $36,000.00
Chicago Commons Association $91,960.20
Chinese Mutual Aid $100,225.79
City Colleges of Chicago $300,000.00
College of Lake County $174,316.27
Community Education Network $320,000.00
Danville Area Community College $168,000.00
Greater West Town Community Project $180,000.00
Heartland Community College $212,729.30
Heartland Human Care Services $196,084.80
Howard Area Community Center $104,900.76
Illinois Central College $150,120.00
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges $244,478.14
Illinois Valley Community College $108,650.00
Instituto del Progreso $311,661.54
Jane Addams $101,101.00
Joliet Junior College $109,942.40
Kankakee Community College $169,214.05
Kaskaskia College $196,697.16
Kishwaukee College $100,226.48
Lake Land College $108,873.96
LEAP $43,151.00
Lewis and Clark Community College $130,225.68
Lincoln Land Community College $271,285.01
Literacy Chicago $101,444.00
LUV Institute $230,629.63
McHenry County College $155,112.00
Metropolitan Family Services $180,000.00
North Lawndale Employment Network $231,972.46
Northern Illinois University $210,597.67
Oakton Community College $200,201.06
One Million Degrees $168,000.00
Parents Alliance Employment Project $54,300.00
Parkland College $304,000.00
PODER $100,000.00
Prairie State College $113,815.88
Rend Lake College $83,819.80
Richland Community College $63,310.64
Rock Valley College $169,686.47
ROE #33 $99,819.63
Shawnee Community College $248,000.00
South Suburban College $258,605.19
Southeastern Illinois College $115,046.87
St. Augustine College $102,443.46
Township HSD #211 $140,784.05
Triton College $147,397.42
Westside Health Authority $110,190.82
William Rainey Harper College $320,000.00
World Relief $196,160.15
YWCA $100,008.00

TOTAL                                                               $9,194,023.49

About the Illinois Community College Board

The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) is the state coordinating organization for the Illinois Community College System – the third largest in the country and the leading public workforce development trainer in the state. The ICCB has statutory responsibility for administering state and federal grants to community college districts and adult education providers and managing high school equivalency testing for Illinois. Illinois community colleges serve over 600,000 residents each year in credit, noncredit, and continuing education courses. Illinois is home to 48 colleges in 39 community college districts which provide high quality, accessible, cost-effective educational opportunities to the entire state.